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photo taken by  kelly ann shuler

photo taken by kelly ann shuler

Okay - let’s figure out where to start. How about what I’m doing when I’m not behind the camera? I’m probably drinking coffee or tea, maybe tequila or gin - it really depends on the time of day. If I have a free day to myself, you’ll find me at home, in bed, snuggled up watching Netflix or reading a book. I LOVE exploring - seeing new places, learning about different cultures, EATING ALL THE FOODS. I think that’s probably why I love photographing weddings - you learn about different family cultures, you see new places, and most importantly: YOU EAT ALL THE FOODS (I swear I’m not as much of a fatass as you think). I’m going to be honest I didn’t go to school for photography, I’ve never taken a course on the technical things about capturing images but I did go to school for my other passion: helping others. I’m currently a Master’s student at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health focusing on Health Education and Health Communication. I’m hoping to pair my passion for storytelling through images with my desire to change the world.

I am a storyteller, always have been and always will be. Every session that I have, I strive to create the best experience possible and make memories with you in the process. We all have those photos where we force a smile or laugh, looking incredibly fake and posed, maybe you had them professionally done or maybe your parents got their first camera and wanted to practice on you. Whatever the case may be, I try my hardest to not have this happen during a session with me. I want it to be an adventure, I want you to laugh your butt off! I could care less about the time we spend together or the distance we have to go to get your images to be something you'll look back on years from now and think about the good times we spent together and how much fun our session was. I want you to look at these photos and see the genuine, raw emotions that you had expressed during our session. 


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