Nashali | A Desert Dream

This shoot has really been a long time coming…




I’ve been TERRIBLE at blogging and even posting lately but I am very thankful for everyone who has been supportive throughout my busy time in grad school. For those of you who are curious about how I am - I have just wrapped up my first year of grad school!!! It’s insane. I never thought that I would be attending this school but to finish my first year - it’s unbelievable. I have met so many wonderful people and have learned of so many opportunities where I can merge my photography and love for public health which a step in the right direction.

BUT back to this beautiful shoot. This was a wonderful shoot that I had done back in March. It was a dream!!! I’ve been dying to shoot Nashali and it seemed that everyone fell in love with this shoot as much as I did. I was able to just play around with one of the most beautiful humans and create some magic. I’ve been in such a photography rut lately that it’s been difficult for me to make work that I am actually proud of - but thankfully Nashali was patient and I was able to finally create something that I am genuinely proud of. I hope you guys love these as much as I do!


Rikki & Andy | Longwood Gardens


Okay so I'm not sure if you've noticed but I rarely ever take photos of couples, I just don't have that many inquiries about them but when I do get a chance to photograph couples I take full advantage of it. Rikki & Andy are two really good friends of mine from working at Little Amps - I asked them if they were down for some photos, once they agreed we started planning a magical day at Longwood Gardens. This was my very FIRST time there and boy was I in awe, this place was so beautiful and each area of it was better than the next. To be perfectly honest, I hate zoos but send me to gardens/arboretums and I'll be so ecstatic. I'm going to stop blabbering about it and show you the magic that happened. 


Classic Capitol Styled Shoot

I'm so sorry I suck at blogging - I've been so busy with life and whatnot. I'm officially a resident of Baltimore which is so exciting! For those of you who do not know I'm going to school for Public Health at Johns Hopkins University! Which means my schedule will probably be really busy and ALL over the place but I will still make time for photography - so if you're from the area feel free to hit me up!! 

ANYWAYS - before I left I was able to be a part of something extremely special. This was my very first styled shoot EVER (other than at Sarah's workshop but I think that's different). Elizabeth (our model) was really the mastermind behind it all. This shoot was so simple - no bells and whistles just focusing on the bride, gown, hair, makeup, and jewelry... no bouquet, no flower crown, no groom. We were both interested in doing something more high end and this is exactly what happened. Our vendors are phenomenal!! If you don't know them already you should check them out because they are the sweetest souls in the world and the best at their craft. Okay, I'm going to stop blabbering and just let you guys enjoy the photos. 

Model - Elizabeth (e_nieli)
MUA - Veronica (veroleighco)
Hair - Whitney (wb_upstyles)
Dress 1 - Tiffanys Bridal Boutique (@tiffanysbridalboutiquepa)
Dress 2 - Philly Bridal Co (@phillybridalco)
Jewelry - Des (@desideriacollection)



Desiree & Daniel | Five Year Vow Renewal

WOW! It's been so long, how have you guys been? I've been so incredibly busy with life and I haven't written a blog in so long. If you follow me on instagram you know that I have definitely not been taking a break but my time to sit in front of my computer and write something out like this has been very rare. 

BUT NO WORRIES FOLKS, I FINALLY HAVE THE TIME! And boy is this a good one. I was able to photograph a five year vow renewal for a lovely couple a couple weeks ago. Five years ago they ran away to the courthouse and got married without really anyone knowing, now five years later they decided to host a vow renewal where their friends and family can finally celebrate their marriage with them. So many tears were shed and I must admit, I definitely shed a tear or two. Here are so beautiful highlights from the day: 

In the Studio with Alex Lilly

You've seen her before but this time I think is much more personal. I joined her in the dance studio at 6 AM and we made some beautiful magic. This is most definitely different from the norm for me. It's blurry, it's grainy, it's dark - but most importantly it's raw. Seeing an artist express herself through movement really gives you chills and I hope you get the same feelings I had when witnessing it by looking at these portraits.