Vietnam 2017

For the past month I have been in Vietnam, traveling through the land in which my parents and ancestors were born and raised. It has been fourteen years since I had been back last with very little memory of what the land actually looked like. Throughout the month and sights that I've seen I have developed a much deeper love for my background and my country. The people, the food, the history in addition to my beautiful family made the trip beyond memorable and hard to leave. I had absolutely no desire to leave but thankfully I have photos to help me remember, here are some highlights: 



Omar & Vu | Random Adventures

I've been trying to just bring my camera out and photograph more daily life things but obviously I get drawn to shooting people more than just everyday objects so here are some random portraits of my friends! 

THON 2017 | Pennsylvania State University

Every year for the past forty years, the students at Pennsylvania State University has joined hands to raise money for Four Diamond's Families and  pediatric cancer research. For my past four years of college, I have attended THON and this past weekend was my very last THON. I decided to lug my camera around this year and show off the amazing things that THON is all about. 

This year's mantra and logo was to "Ignite Hope Within" which I think is so beautiful.    

This year's mantra and logo was to "Ignite Hope Within" which I think is so beautiful.