Alex | Dancing in the Rain

WOW. This photoshoot means so much to me because it was with one of my dearest friends and has been long talked about. This entire day was filled with so many locations and adventures. We were supposed to go somewhere special to take photos but due to the weather and rain our plans changed slightly, but that's okay because Alex was a trooper who didn't care about the rain or her hair. She went into the showers and danced her butt off while I had an umbrella cramped between my arm and chest to prevent my camera from getting extreme water damage. Ah what a day, enjoy the shots!

Brielle & Nana | African Love

Two of my dear friends were celebrating their one year anniversary and wanted to capture their love and of course I jumped at the opportunity to photograph their love for each other. They both had a great sense of humor which made the photoshoot so easy and comfortable for the both of us. They had also just returned from Ghana to visit Nana's family and came back with some beautiful pieces of clothing which made the shoot ten times more interesting!

Nina & Avery | Mommy & Me

I had the awesome opportunity to photograph these two lovely human beings. Avery is the MOST adorable little child I have ever had the chance of working with. She's so full of life and energy and just the absolute sweetest little human. I couldn't resist just capturing every moment possible of Avery and her mom, Nina. 

Mini-Session with my Family

This past weekend was Lunar New Year which means, for me, a house full of family and food 24/7. This can get old really fast, so my cousins and I decided to go on a mini adventure around Harrisburg and here are the results.