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asian american wedding and lifestyle photographer

let me tell you mine

I'm Aimee. I’m 28 years old, been photographing love since 2017, cat mom, collector of books, home chef, and proud daughter of Việt refugees.

My journey to photography hasn't always been a direct one. I supported myself through college by taking photos. I then pursued my public health career but the universe always knew that I am the happiest when I am photographing. Being able to be creative and capture people in a way that makes them feel comfortable and beautiful makes me happy.

Photo by Mary Bell

I'm witty & sarcastic. I love late night conversations reflecting on life and developing deeper conversations with people. When we meet, I can promise you 2 things - laughs till your stomach hurts as well as beautiful photo memories that we’ll create together.

my reason. my inspiriation. my life.

"In a time of destruction, create something."

Maxine Hong Kingston

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