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live in the moment and let me make sure you remember it

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it's all about you, not the camera.




some of my favorite images are
the ones where you are just being you

what images are most important to you?


Elopement Photographer based in Amsterdam

Capturing your Love Story Journey

Elopement Photographer based in Amsterdam

Documenting Life's Extraordinary Moments



Do you travel?

abso-freaking-lutely. I love traveling and find myself traveling all the time personally. I would love to finally be able to combine two of my favorite things: traveling and photography.

I'm currently based in Baltimore, MD but I am willing to travel anywhere and everywhere! Just shoot me an email and we can figure out costs. Certain locations may even be available at a discount!

We're awkward, can you capture us?

I love this question because truly everyone feels awkward in front of the
camera but the best part about my shooting style is that I shoot through
moments + that includes fun-real moments that we create together
through games and prompts. I promise you, you'll forget that the camera is even there.

How do you choose your second shooter?

I have a handful of second shooters that I consistently shoot with each wedding season but at the off chance that they're not available - I will find a second shooter who has lead photographer experience to ensure that all the moments can be captured fully.

How many photos will we get?

The limit truly does not exist - unlike other wedding photographers, I do
not cap the number of photos that you'll receive in your album. The
number of photos you get are truly dependent on how big your package is and how many events you'll have throughout the night. An average album gets over 700 photos from the day.