While I have photographed so many weddings since 2017, I'm always so incredibly nervous when I'm hired to photograph my friends and family's weddings. The pressure is always up 20,000% even though I know these people would not have hired me just because. They are my biggest supporters and have been in my corner since the beginning of this business of mine and I just don't want to let them down. Often times this added pressure (that let's be real, I put on myself) forces me to really lock in and make sure I am present to capture all the little moments. Melissa and I have been friends since junior year of college - we spent many late nights studying, talking about boys and relationships, teaching anatomy lab together, and may have had one or two drinks out.... (we went to Penn State, you do the real math on how many drinks we probably had). So to be able to photograph her wedding day meant so much to me, what meant even more to me was being able to witness the love surrounding Melissa and Ethan from their friends and family. Their genuine love and candidness truly inspired me the entire wedding weekend.

The Night Before

Melissa and Ethan added rehearsal dinner coverage to their wedding package and I absolutely love that they did. It helped me get to know the most important people in their lives better before the wedding day. It also allowed their friends and family to get used to being photographed and be comfortable in front of the camera. I was able to chat it up with their siblings, connect with both of their parents, and reconnect with old college friends of my own. Big fan of photographing all of the big and little moments on your wedding weekend.


There really is no better backdrop for a winter wedding, the rustic barn at Armstrong Farms mixed with the snow and twinkle lights made this venue the perfect space for Melissa and Ethan's romantic winter wedding.

The Couple


Can we talk about how beautiful and photogenic this man is?! And guess what? He absolutely hates photos... like notorious amongst friends and family for hating photos. But thankfully, he found me funny, or at least the prompts I made them do funny so I was able to bring out his genuine smile in the photos (Melissa told me so!!). It also helps that he is madly in love with Melissa who adores photos and he wants to get good photos for her. This is why my approach to photos works, we have light posing and genuinely giving you the space to be comfortable and be who you are.


Melissa is STUNNNINGGGG. I mean her smile alone lights up any room, photographing her was so incredibly easy. Melissa is a nurse and dedicates so much of her life to helping others, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her heart is so beautiful - the least I could do was help her see how beautiful she is inside and out.

The People

it is important to me that I authentically capture the people you love most

The Morning Of

One of my favorite things during a wedding day is the morning. Some are quiet & calm while others are a whole damn party but somehow they typically end up in a whole lot of emotions & love.


never a dull moment

This ceremony was truly unique to the couple and I love it. Every little part of their ceremony was intentional and meaningful to them. Their officiant was a close friend, they participated in a candle lighting ceremony that included their mothers, they had a flower bro, and personal vows that made me cry.

The Reception

all of the beautiful moments

This reception was truly where it was at!!! From the entrances to the dance floor, there was not a single moment in the reception where everyone in the room was filled with so much joy and energy. All of their friends and family are so kind and caring. Every single person that was at the wedding loved them both so much and it was evident in the emotions in these images. They truly inspired me so much and I believe these photos wouldn't be nearly as good if it weren't for their ability to be authentically them.


first dances

party timeeeee